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About Vehicle Advantage

We’re proud to say that our program is unique in that we are a full concierge program  having 18 years of the BBB highest raiting and our highly trained vehicle advisors do all the work for your employees and members.  We are one of the most used and appreciated employee and member benefits offered by our partners. We offer a toll-free call center to serve your employees, customers, and members without Internet access, and we always work to find the best deals in their area.

Our enormous volume and great reputation for the most pre-qualified customers in the country allows us to work with fleet and sales managers, giving each customer VIP service from almost any dealer in the country. This ensures that your employees or members don’t have to drive hours to get a good deal. Our select dealers, available in certain areas with large client volumes, have repeatedly shown that they consistently assist our customers with the highest satisfaction.

Partner with Us!  If your organization is a membership organization, we provide a valuable service, increasing your revenue stream while enhancing member or policy holder’s retention, loyalty, and recruiting success. Our benefit cannot be used for free through the Internet, and Vehicle Advantage is not available to the public. Only our partners can take advantage of our service, so their members and the member’s families get exclusive savings that can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Our service is free to you and your members so join us today and increase retention and recruting success.


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